Thermo Slippers snowwhite

Thermo Slippers snowwhite

  • never have cold feet again
  • soothing warmth in the front half of the foot, especially in the areas of the toes and ball of the foot
  • high walking comfort due to the soft soles
  • high safety while wearing due to slip-resistant soles
  • the heel area can be reinforced additionally or remove
  • can also be used while sleeping
  • incl. high-performance lithium polymer battery (3,7 V; 3800 mAh)
  • no bothersome cord
  • Thermo-Slippers were tested by the "Stuttgarter Nachrichten" and were found to be "very good" (Publication date December. 18th.,2012)
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The THERMO SLIPPERS are now available at the introductory price of EUR 119.99.
Your feet no longer have to freeze at home - no matter if it is summer or winter. Even on the coldest winter days, warm your feet with the THERMO SLIPPERS, the world's first cord-free and rechargeable, heated house slippers.
Highly flexible heating elements made of carbon fibre are incorporated in the THERMO SLIPPERS and this keeps your feet cuddly warm. The local warmth leads to alleviation of tension and general relaxation of cramps. Reduction of body temperature and even cold feet causes bladder infections, abdominal disorders, stomach and intestinal disorders, etc. The THERMO SLIPPERS can prevent all this. You can even leave the THERMO SLIPPERS on overnight in bed.
The soles of the THERMO SLIPPERS are flexible and slip-resistant and in addition to the heating comfort, offer the advantage that you can move around securely and safely at home. Slipping on a slippery floor or stairs is definitely a thing of the past.
THERMO SLIPPERS offer optimal wearing comfort and can be used both as open or closed house slippers. The heel is quite simple to insert and is held in place by an ingenious Velcro system. There is an elastic band in the heel area so that the heel part clings close to your heel. You can decide yourself how close you want the heel part to your foot.
THERMO SLIPPERS have three different temperature levels, e.g. 34 degrees Celsius, 39 degrees Celsiusand 44 degrees Celsius that you can select and adjust to your personal needs. Depending on the heat level, the battery life is up to five hours. 

If soiled, the THERMO SLIPPERS can be washed or dry-cleaned without any problems.

The accompanying batteries are lithium polymer high-performance batteries that do not possess a memory effect and can be recharged up to 500 times. Furthermore, each battery only weights 59 grams and is very light so that you do not even notice it on your body.

The THERMO SLIPPERS are available in two ingenious colour combinations - winter white with a mocha cuff or in a chestnut colour with a fawn brown cuff. Both colour combinations impart cosy warmth. The fabric of the house slippers is micro-fibre and has a snugly soft feel. The THERMO SLIPPERS include two batteries and a charger.
Thermo-Slippers were tested by the "Stuttgarter Nachrichten" and were found to be "very good"
(Publication date December. 18th.,2012)
The Thermo Slippers are now available at the introductory price of EUR 119.99.
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80 % of the women suffer from cold feet and not only during winter! The temperature of your toes can go down to 8 degrees!

Reduction of body temperature and even cold feet causes bladder infections, abdominal disorders, stomach and intestinal disorders, and even an increased susceptibility to yeast infections and to serious circulation problems.

The Thermo Slippers have 3 different temperature levels with 34 degrees C, 39 degrees C and 44 degrees C.

Did you know?

Cold feet can be dangerous. According to a Study of the Cardiff University in Wales the relation between cold feet and catching a cold is proven.
This problem can be solved with heated house slippers, like the THERMO SLIPPERS.


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